Centerstone Partners, LLC is a global private equity firm that creates proprietary investment opportunities through a unique "bottoms-up" approach that couples idea generation with exhaustive research. Through our “Operating Sponsor” model, we look to redefine traditional business models and create well managed, rapidly growing companies in the healthcare and renewable energy sectors.

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Centerstone Partners connects entrepreneurial vision with institutional execution to build globally competitive businesses. Founded in 2005, we take a different approach than most private equity firms by starting with our own investment theses and then building companies to address the opportunities we see. We are founding investors in all of our companies.

Centerstone’s “Operating Sponsor” model is based on proprietary investment strategy development. We look for major “problems” in industries around which companies can be built, especially when there is an opportunity to transform traditional business models. Once we have developed a thesis, we conduct extensive research and due diligence, determine the optimal operating model, and create a business plan for the new entity. We identify and recruit key management team members and then raise capital to launch and grow the business. Centerstone works closely with management in an operational capacity in the early stages of the business post-close to provide additional bench strength.

Our sectors of focus include healthcare/life sciences and renewable energy. We believe both areas offer tremendous potential for attractive investment returns as they are large and fast-growing with shifting market dynamics which breeds opportunities for creative investors.

Where possible, we leverage our emerging markets expertise in countries such as China and India to drive value in our investment strategies. Centerstone has experience building companies on the ground in those markets, and we believe they can play a pivotal role in building value in our portfolio companies through lower supply chain costs, faster time to market, and increased global revenue potential.

The principals of Centerstone have over 60 years of combined private equity, operating and financial experience and together have spent the past six years working on transformative transactions. Over the years we've found our investment strategies develop most quickly when we carry our vision through to execution. As founding investors in every business we create, Centerstone maintains a significant interest in each investment strategy and provides assistance to management as the strategy develops. We call this our "Operating Sponsor" model, which solves many of the challenges faced by early stage enterprises. We seek partners who share our unique vision and value our ongoing contributions.


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The Centerstone Partners model ensures that vision and execution meet. We believe truly proprietary investment opportunities arise from inventive ideas coupled with exhaustive research. As a result, Centerstone employs a unique "bottoms-up" investment approach that allows us to build companies that redefine business models in their industries.

Investment Areas of Focus

  • Healthcare
  • Renewable Energy
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The primary investment area of focus at Centerstone Partners is healthcare. The principals of the firm have deep industry experience in several segments of healthcare, and the firm evaluates investment opportunities in pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical services, medical devices, diagnostics, disposable medical supplies, specialty distribution and healthcare services.


  • Darrin Prescott
  • Scott Fisher
  • Michael Derby
  • Eric Roddy
  • Katherine Lui
  • Stephen Wiggins
Darrin is the founder and Managing Principal of Centerstone Partners. Over the last 7 years at Centerstone, Darrin and the team have founded, built and funded 7 companies in the pharmaceutical, clinical research, and energy sectors.

Darrin’s passion is confronting “Conventional Wisdom” and creating businesses that are truly “Transformational” within their industry. His investment focus at Centerstone is:

  • Pharmaceutical businesses that fill critical unmet needs
  • Green tech businesses that are sustainable and competitive relative to non-green players
  • Healthcare businesses that address the current structural changes that are underway within the industry

Darrin has over 15 years of private equity, global investing, and executive management experience. Prior to founding Centerstone Partners, he was a Principal at Kidd & Company. Darrin started his career at Arthur Andersen in the Valuation Consulting group. After attending business school, he founded Global Capital Advisors, a private investment group, specializing in global asset allocation. In 1999 Darrin joined Santander Global Advisors' Global Investments business where he managed and advised on over $2 billion of assets.

Darrin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Colorado.


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Private equity groups are flush with funds to invest and are continually in search of strong, proprietary deal flow. With our unique investment approach, Centerstone Partners brings well-researched, fully-developed proprietary investment opportunities to its co-investors.

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